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Sunday, May 03, 2009

you smell damn delicious.

Voted employee of the month. The boys are back in town. Beer pong. Smelling one another intensely. Belting out the "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" soundtrack. RAIN RAIN RAIN. 16 ounce Newcastles. Taking bathroom breaks in pairs...boys in the sink, girls on the seat. Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos. Pressure points. Redheaded Sluts (the drink). The best fucking blueberry pancakes in the world. Going to Finsterfest. Desperately wanting a patchwork skirt. Roadside vegetable stand. New dress from Target. Red toenails. Yellow hydrangeas. Middle Eastern food. Heart-shaped birthday cake for my amazing roommate. Local beer. Roommate's sweet family. Being barefoot. Vintage seating. Swing dance watching. Great conversation with strangers. Spooning with Annie. Brunch with a new friend. Sharing an admiration and fascination for women who shave their heads. Eggs Benedict with corn and salsa. Windows down, vintage jazz on. Ahhhh.

I've missed these kind of weekends :)

Highlight: Buying a Howard Finster book for super cheap to find that not only had he actually signed it, but that the very first words were a poem about my hometown. AMAZING!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i am such a neglecting bitch.

i left you for so long. most everyone's gone away, or like joe bloggs put "GONE" by my name.

so sad.

well i'm back. hooray! maybe? right? or do you not miss me at all? i understand. anyway, i published the last post which was a draft i forgot to un-hide. it's cute and makes me happy.

the boy and i are doing good. been dating for almost 13 months. wow. my dad's all anti-the-boy now, but wtf ever.

so please tell me how you've been if you happen to see this.

i missed you all :*(

(having a real job sucks teh cock!)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

i got an iPod.

hello, dear friends.

i've been VERY busy, so this is another lousy recap post.

so me and the boy are officially an item as of about 2 or 3 weekends ago. it was sweet. we went to the top of this nearby mountain that looks over the city, and he kissed me. and that was that. i pushed him off, stood him up and didn't return several of his phonecalls for six months and he never went away. guess he's a keeper.

about two months ago he kept asking me: if you were to buy something--anything--what color would you get: silver, blue or pink? i kept telling him he was a retard. and then i eventually realized he was buying me a pink mini iPod for my birthday (which is today...23 is such a boring number). he gave it to me two nights ago. and he bought it for me before we were even officially dating. what the eff is he thinking?!

i cried when he gave it to me, mostly because:
(a) for his birthday i could only afford a cake because i was mega broke.
(b) i don't accept gifts well.
(c) i'm not worth it. he'll realize that in a few months when i randomly freak out on him.

and i've had like, one of the worst weeks since college ever. work sucks and i'm looking for a new job. but first i have to put together my portfolio, which is like pulling teeth. i can't decide what to advertise myself more as, a designer or an illustrator? i'm both, i guess. and then which style? i've explored many, but haven't really latched onto one specific one. i hate being an "artist" sometimes. also i've felt horrible this week. very bad pressure headaches and nosebleeds. but i don't have health insurance so i have to just deal.

one of the stray cats had kittens again. they're great! we named them: chuckie, lil george jr., ethel, velcro and corkey. unfortunately chuckie died in a tragic paint can incident (our other cat lucy knocked it over on him and crushed him). R.I.P. little chuckster.

so now we have:
whiteface - is finally tame and will come in the house
lil george jr. - misses the chuckster dearly
ethel - fast and spastic
velcro - enough said
corkey - yes, we named him after the kid of "life goes on"
lucy - our black magic. she sleeps with me every night.
daisy (jack russel) - loves using her teeth to pull the string on a wind-up vibrating rat over and over again
cookie (lab, terrior mix) - looks like a stuffed toy. keeps getting raped by the other neighborhood dogs.
and boots (poodle, ugh) - the most jealous and dingleberry-covered animal i have ever seen

i've been going to yoga with the girls from work now for about a month. i'm all bendy. our yogi says i'm ready to move to level 2. yay!

my house has become a huge studio since me and my dad have started painting birdhouses. collectively, we've done about 35 so far in the past two months. it's crazy and gaudy and great. we're going to make/paint enough weird things to have booths next year at all the surrounding trashy "art" festivals.

the kid that owns the skatepark got invited to some huge event and got to set up shop. i think he's going be sponsored by coke or something now? anyway, i'm excited for him. went out there last weekend because one of the boy's old band members was having a bachelor's party. he did about six keg stands while we were there, then proceeded to vomit outside while the boy and i went to the nearby gas station to buy gummi worms. it's weird: he got married to a girl named melissa and his brother had a long-term relationship with a girl named melissa and the boy is dating me, melissa, and another one of our friends has girlfriend named melissa. guess we're special.

that's all. i hope everyone is well :)

oh, and did i tell you i got an iPod?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

old photos, big hair, my reading list.

we're about to cover the massive naked wall in our living room with arty black and white family photos. my parents looked scary in the '80s. people in the south sported feathered haircuts waaaaay too long after they went out of style, like most other things.

i had a four-day weekend (ohmigosh, i know you're so jealous). i got many things accomplished. my drafting table is finally in my room. the tomato fence is finished in the garden. i hung out thrice with the boy and friends. made fun of people for getting kicked out of the huddle house because of the new georgia smoking ban. saw "war of the worlds" at a drive-in in alabama. bought the trashiest windchimes EVER at the flea market. went to the next town over for a parade, which consisted solely of about 200 people on 4-wheelers plastered in red, white and blue. it looked like a bunch of rednecks raided the holiday aisle of a CVS, then paraded through main street to show everyone their KICKASS new "proud to be an american" shirt. overall a good time.

shit, now i have that horrid song stuck in my head again.

anyway, as something fun i thought i'd post my summer '05 reading list:

#1 - "Confessions of a Recovering Slut: And Other Love Stories" by Hollis Gillespie

i'm so excited about this one! just released a week or so ago, it's the sequel to her autobiography. i love this woman. i'm going to try to attend her last book signing in atlanta on wednesday. fingers crossed!

#2 - "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde

it's a classic that i have not read. actually, one of many classics that i have not read. i'm about halfway through it and it's easily one of my top 5 books of all time already.

#3 - "Get a Grip on Physics" by John Gribber

totally flexing my nerdness here, but this book is awesome! not only does it have great design (you can't tell by the shasty website image), but it has a ton of random facts. wow, i'm a loser.

#4 - "Food Court Druids, Cherohonkees and Other Creatures Unique to the Republic" by Robert Lanham

this is his follow-up to the highly-acclaimed hipster handbook, which is one of the most hilarious things i've ever effin' read. and the illustrations were superb.

but anyway, now i need at least two more to read...suggestions please!! do post.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

drunken whore adventures, volume two

the boy has a friend who owns a skatepark and he throws a lot of after-hours parties. it used to be an old gym, so one half of it is a skatepark and the other is a sort of unfinished, do-whatever huge ass room. he's been in business for a couple of years now and is doing really well.

but yeah, i got pretty wasted there on friday. it wasn't the first time.

i was drinking before i got there because the boy drove all the way to my house (30 mins away) and brought me all the way back to the party. such chivalry. anyway, thanks to the new black cherry smirnoff ice, i got pretty toasted.

played dodge ball with the boy and barbecue sauce friend's girlfriend. talked about serial killers. me and the boy did drunken tango, all while i was on a skateboard. don't know how it got started, but i kept threatening to pin down barbecue sauce's brother and pee on him (you know...the guy with the monster penis). i kept yelling, "IT'S TIME! IT'S TIME!" and no one got it but him and he'd get a scared look on his face. then i went ass-boarding (skateboarding on your bum) with BBQ's girlfriend. she rocks at it. i do not. it still amazes me that i didn't end up in the hospital that night. BBQ was pretty wasted and made me do a SoCo shot with him. SoCo being southern comfort (ack!). he's a good kid.

the night ended with me asleep in the boy's truck while he took the long way home.

the end.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

work, bitch! volume five

when you "lose" a file in harddrive never-neverland, does it make a sound? if i were to guess, i'd suppose it sounded like a flock of seagulls.

(the band or the bird, it all works.)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

for jasem, the best makeout partner ever.

i went down to savannah for memorial day weekend, the same weekend as my "official graduation." i skipped it but still went to the james brown concert in the park. as mentioned a few posts earlier, it was a jasem weekend. i spent that saturday with him at the round house while he finished up his installation.

this is a photo of jasem, my love, and one of his project partners with their installation:


here's some 'roids of his whole project (click for the bigger versions):

here's one of the other projects:

and here's some of my artsy fartsy texture pictures:

and duh, all these photos are copyrighted to me.

aren't polaroids fun?